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Most Favorite Games That Will Capture Your Attention (part 1)

Nowadays, there are many ways that people can find to relax in their free time, such as reading a few good books, listening to some of the famous pop songs or playing online games. Every kind of way will help us free our mind and reduce all stress in life. When people come to games, they can spend hours and hours every day to enjoy their favorite games such as shooting games, puzzle games, or action games and so on. 

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The first game in this post is called Minigiants.io. If this is the first time you have heard about this game, don’t worry, it is fun and very entertaining for you to enjoy. Now we will take a closer look in details to see how unique this game is.

In this game, your mission is to control a small giant and lead it to roam around the map to kill the others. Because this game is a multiplayer game, so you will have a chance to show off your fighting skills with many players from all over the world. All the beginners in this game will start at the same size as the giant, then by eliminating the others to grow their size.

Players can collect more scattered items and chests around the map to receive some rewards and also some useful weapons, armors to make your giant powerful. Playing with humans will be a little bit hard because they are smart and cunning. So can you make it out alive to become the strongest giant in this game? Let’s play and find out.

You can take some time off to enjoy some great games here.


The next game in this post is called Bullet Force. If you are a big fan of some big hit superhero movies, you definitely can skip this highly-rated game. 

King Arthur II – The turbulent magical world is back (Part 1)

With new elements mixed with traits that once brought success to King Arthur, this version once again made PC fans excited.

In the distant era, when stories of brave knights of giant dragons still existed, the holy kingdom of Britannia found peace after the Holy Grail was restored. However, the darkness is once again finding its way back and threatens the world, a new threat awaits King Arthur and his knights.

Queen Morgawse, the leader of the Northern Orkney Islands witches hired an assassin to assassinate Arthur and release the Fomorian race of demons from the darkness. The king was seriously injured and that greatly affected the kingdom. The Knights of the Round Table either disappeared, or opposed each other. Monsters appear everywhere and once again, all the new forces stand up for the supremacy of Britannia. In the chaos, people are worried that one day, the one-eyed demon king Balor will escape from the darkness, then fearing that this land will never be peaceful.

Keeping the original tradition, is a strategy game mixed with elements of the , but now King Arthur II emphasizes more on the role-playing feature, mainly on the strategic map and even even on the battlefield. All the weaknesses of the first version of 2009 have now been absorbed and corrected, while improving the inherent strong features. As King Arthur, you must find a way to save your broken kingdom, and at the same time struggle with the wounds that are tormenting your body.

According to Arthurian legend, if a king is injured, the land he reigns will also become miserable, which was the original idea that helped Neocore develop the second part of this King Arthur game. In terms of graphics and gameplay, King Arthur II uses a new engine created by Neocore himself called Coretech 2, allowing a epic battle with the number of soldiers and monsters up to 4000 appear at once. Of course, it comes with significantly improved artificial intelligence to help gamers not feel uncomfortable.






Looking back at King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (Part 2)

Of course, you can’t always solve the problem with a peaceful solution. It is quite special that with low difficulty battles, players can use the auto-battle function to free their hands to do other things, however, to preserve the number of troops, you should manually adjust the his army because they will all fight to the death. However, the battle system of King Arthur II is not entirely creative because you will find a few elements that have appeared in Total War before. For example, there are some types of attacks that will disable flying units, or you can use a variety of spells to slow down the enemy. In addition, occupying positions on the map also gives bonus points to the player.

As mentioned above, each turn is a season of the year, so after 3 moves you will enter the winter. Although you can’t move freely around the map anymore, that doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. Instead, this will be the time for you to access the skill trees in King Arthur II. Each unit will gain some experience from previous battles, and these can be used to upgrade various elements such as HP and damage, which will greatly increase the importance of the troops and make you think quite carefully before sending troops to battle. In addition, players can research a large number of technical technologies and improvements from captured cities.

Although there are quite a lot of interesting things in this debut, but in general, King Arthur II also encountered many obstacles, which first need to mention that the strategy genre is often quite picky about players, in addition to that. is a mission system with all words that will make many people, especially those who are new to this genre feel bored. Not to mention what makes players “sleepy” in the game anymore is the winter time, because you will have to sit and observe parts of the kingdom and click multiple times to perform the upgrade.








Looking back at King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (Part 1)

King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame has been satisfying the thirst of RTS game fans mixed with unique RPG. In this comeback, the great improvements in gameplay, graphics bring players more surprises than its predecessor. If not prepared, you can be overwhelmed when entering the world of King Arthur II.

The first version of the game, released in 2009, follows the legend of King Arthur with the sword Excalibur and the Holy Grail in his hand, which built his peaceful kingdom. However, from the beginning, the developers were not completely loyal to the original story in mythology, but brought in some additional creative elements.

During King Arthur’s comeback, Neocore Games dared to come up with an entirely new story of their own: King Arthur became ill, the Holy Grail was destroyed, leading to the forces of darkness being liberate and start conducting attacks on the kingdom, and you and nobody else – will be the one to prevent it from happening.

What makes players feel most interesting about the gameplay of King Arthur II is how manufacturers combine RTS with elements from other game genres without making it a copy of Total War.

Each turn in your game will correspond to one of the four seasons of the year. In the spring, summer and autumn, players will be free to move around on the game’s map, and one thing to mention is that the size of the map in this part is twice as big as with the first version. Players will begin to receive and carry out missions through the map, and the results of these missions can lead to diplomatic disputes or major engagements. Something quite special here is that King Arthur II has a way of opening a rather strange task compared to today’s games: a word story.

The narrator will read about the journey and the player will have to choose among the situations the game presents, such as crossing the forest by the main road or moving a small group through the trees secretly. , accept the mysterious man’s wagering challenge, etc. These auxiliary elements not only affect the task in progress, but also interact with the plot and ranking system later. In some cases, the clever completion of these all-letter missions will help you avoid war.








Conquer England with King Arthur: The Role-playing WargameTubular

In terms of role-playing, your hero units can level up – just like in Warcraft III. They are all members of the Round Table Knights, and can be assigned to control a military group. However, because of the addition of ‘Role-Playing’ to the game name, Neocore decided to further strengthen this element by making all units in the game able to level up. You will have a point to increase the stats of each unit type when leveling up (melee, defensive, magic, cost, etc.)

In addition to those system elements, a very nice feature was created and included in the gameplay that was already quite complicated by King Arthur: the virtue of the player. The way in which you conduct your battle will be shown on an index bar. Your decisions will directly affect this increase or decrease.

You can choose to worship the gods of Old Majickal Relijun, or the new religion of God, you can choose to help the good-natured neighbors, or conspiracy-dedicated warlords. Your actions may not make you lose any advantage, but the farther you go in one direction, the more upgrades and new units you will receive. This means you will have to choose your path right from the beginning of the game.

King Arthur is not a gentle game, you will need at least 2GB of RAM along with a pretty average video card to be able to play smoothly. However, your investment will be returned with polished graphics and very rewarding details of the game. In the early versions, the system also encountered a lot of camera errors, and some units were completely unbalanced as the developer wanted. Therefore, installing patch 1.02 is a must if you want to enjoy the game without being bothered. After this version, everything runs quite stable and comfortable.

Although not a popular and widely popular game, King Arthur: Wargame’s Role-Playing is a “bargain” entertainment for strategy game lovers. The game has many deep designs, high replayability and a fitting story, so you can spend about 50 hours playing. This is probably the best average PC game of this genre that you can find in the current situation.




Conquer England with King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame (Part 1)

For a concept o this game from European developer Neocore Games, we can mention the Total War series plus immersive elements. In the game, you will play the role of King Arthur, who is in charge of the throne inheritance after King Uther Pendragon has just died. At that time, the Excalibur was still in stone in the West Midlands. The strategy part of the game is played on a large map of Britannia, and when a battle takes place, the game switches to real-time strategy mode.

The player’s task is to delay the fight to fully unify Britannia, or to put it another way, to re-enact King Arthur’s most glorious victories. In battle, players will be able to control hero characters with magical abilities. They can call rain and wind, using supernatural powers to sweep enemies. Units fighting near heroes will gain morale, and this directly affects their combat performance. If the leadership of the army is taken down or arrested, the consequences for the whole are irreplaceable.

Victory Point points are available in each map. Their importance will be emphasized by the camera by passing through the opening phase of the battle. Players will have to occupy them by cornering troops for a short time. Each Victory Point gives the whole army some support: The long fences help your archers have more time to spread bullets to the enemy, a church will restore the soldiers standing nearby.

Assembly said that if you don’t want microphones to manage taxes and game battles, your army will be subject to 5% penalty points in Total War. Neocore is even more cruel in King Arthur, because a bit of your neglect will cause heavy losses, and the cost to rebuild the force is really exorbitant in this game. In fact, if you feel you have lost more than you can, go back to the battle and try another way, because the consequences of these losses will last – very long in the next steps.






Is King Arthur a real character?

For many, the stories of King Arthur of Camelot are nothing strange. It was the legendary king who led the British forces (including the Round Table Knights whom he had great confidence in) in the battles against Saxon invaders in the early 6th century A.D. But is King Arthur a real or just mythical Celtic hero?

Although he has been arguing for hundreds of years, historians still cannot confirm whether King Arthur really exists. He does not appear in the only surviving source of the Saxon invasion, in which the author is Gildas, a Celtic priest, writes about a real battle at Mons Badonicus (Badon hill) around 500 AD Several hundred years later, Arthur first appeared in the writings of a Welsh historian named Nennius, who listed 12 battles that the king was supposed to have fought. All battles originate in Welsh poetry, and they take place in so many different places and times that a human being cannot participate in all the battles.

Other Welsh writers were later inspired by Nennius’ work, and King Arthur’s fame spread outside Wales and the Celt region, especially after the Normandy conquest of 1066. linking England with northern France. In the famous 12th-century book “History of the Kings of Britain”, Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote the first story of King Arthur’s life, describing the bar. His swordsmanship is Caliburn (later known as Excalibur), loyal knight Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, and Merlin. The book is an intriguing combination of myth and reality, and is thought to be based on a lost Celtic manuscript that only Geoffrey can read.

A series of works by the French poet Chrétien de Troyes gave Arthur a sacred mission by giving him the task of finding the mysterious Holy Grail. Although Arthur may not be real, his legendary power is increasingly strong over time. Many British kings from Henry VIII to Queen Victoria took advantage of the legend of King Arthur for political purposes, while countless writers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, and other artists were all created their own versions of Arthur’s stories for posterity.





King Arthur II content: Dead Legions

King Arthur II content: Dead Legions is announced by the manufacturer to be “darker” than the first part with the rise of the dark army. The life-threatening giants of innocent people and the world needs a hero to stand up to dominate the human race to escape destruction.

The game is redeveloped with larger-scale battles, more crowds and enemies that will surely be stronger. Gamers will be able to customize the camera to change the viewing angle, the animations are modified and replaced for smoothness and accompanying instructions specific to each part. Graphics in the game have also been upgraded a lot. The image of the fields stretching until the horizon or the sea reflecting the glittering sun were all reproduced with realism and vividness. Military unit models in the game are designed in detail and clear, even when the player adjusts the camera to get close to the battlefield. The sound is built on epic schools.


After making a lot of buzz in the gaming community thanks to King Arthur’s breakthrough game, combining magic, history elements with Total War-style tactics, Neocore was eyeing. As a result, this Hungarian free-game team was eventually agreed by Paradox Interactive to sign a contract to release a sequel to the King Arthur strategy game.

Zoltan Pozsonyi, head of production King Arthur II for Neocore Games proudly declares: “We are honored to be associated with Paradox’s release team to build King Arthur II. We are considering testing all the features of this version. With a completely new and different storyline accompanied by classic battles, expect fans to put on the game will be met”.

With a much darker plot than what people often know about King Arthur’s name: The Role Playing War Game, King Arthur II opens with the rise of the dark army. The life-threatening giant demons of so many innocent people. Each soldier fell, the heroes who stood up to fight back were also hard to stop the nearly endless number of enemies. The world needs a hero to stand up to dominate the human race to escape destruction. And that’s nobody else, it’s the player.






King Arthur: Fallen Champions

King Arthur: Fallen Champions – The return of NeoCore king is gradually gaining high rankings in the list of the most popular games today.

The story of Fallen Champions will not be rambling but immediately goes to the main problem. Around the invasion of England, the game takes you into the role of three heroes in the rebellion of Arthur: Knight Sir Lionel, Drest magician, and witch Lady Corrigan.

During the campaign, the player will change the position between the three characters when completing the mission. Depending on each character, the goals and requirements will be different.

With Lionel, this knight fights to find his lover from the kidnappers, Drest offers himself to protect the Picts, while Lady Corrigan tries to find a way back to the spiritual world. Compared to the previous version,  seems more colorful.


The mission system of the game through the three main characters is also quite diverse.

For a knight, killing is, of course, the main thing to be able to complete the mission. On the contrary, Corrigan only needed to use his magic, hiding around the enemy while Drest’s mission was a combination of both.

The terrain in the game includes hills, rivers, forests, castles, etc. These factors contribute to players adding “headaches” when arranging tactics so that it is reasonable.

The armies are always controlled in a reasonable and accurate way. The only weakness of AI is probably too easy to guess. Only a few times you play, you will soon learn how to control your hero’s command. Anyway, it is impossible to ask too much for AI because they are simply machines.






Arthur game on mobile

The heat of King Arthur movie does not only spread across the movie domain, but it also shoots to Mobile platform with an extremely unique mobile game. The title is very short, Arthur, this version of Mobile for gamers to immerse themselves in the simple but playable, not colorful, but ensure the taste of a true Fight Club on mobile.

For Honor, a one-time slump of For Honor – one of Ubisoft‘s best-selling titles in 2017, is falling freely after being accused of a blood-sucking incident. Arthur focuses on team fights in narrow spaces, where gamers have to apply different attack mechanisms to oppose enemies. There the player can execute cross-shot punches, jump-jumps or hit the backward target. But the good point of the game is how to integrate the player’s movements with the character, giving them a horizontal or vertical stroke.

However, in Arthur, there is no way you can hit the screen because each attack will only be useful for each combat situation. For example, with a long crowd, you just need to swipe back and forth until they are submerged on the ground, but with thick armored arms and shields, you have to perform continuous combos to disarm your hands. The image of kicking an opponent backwards and then kicking the shield straight into the head will bring a “sloppy” feeling that is rarely seen in film-based games.

Graphics is also a plus point for Arthur when most of the games are in line “through the speakers”. However, shaping the character of this version of the game still shows the soul of the main character, showing a definitive and powerful movement in each phase. The character model is also shown in great detail, giving players a sense of the vitality of each name in the King Arthur movie version.