Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The era of infamous pirates is the setting for this action adventure game. It is part of the popular Assassin’s Creed series, which depicts a world where two secret societies do battle with each other. The other instalments focus mainly on stealth. However, this particular game emphasises swashbuckling sword fights and naval engagements.

Players take on the fascinating and exciting role of a novice pirate who sails the sea with his loyal crew. Along the way, the pirate meets up with several real historical figures of this period. The most significant character in this regard is the infamous Blackbeard.


Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the entire game is boarding. For this to occur, the player must engage in naval combat with another ship. Once the enemy vessel has taken enough damage, it will become stuck in the water.

Players can then hook onto the enemy ship and board it. They will be given many tasks to do. This can include capturing a flag, killing the captain or blowing up powder kegs. When these tasks have been completed, the enemy ship will belong to the player. They have the choice of either sending it to a fleet, blowing it up or giving it away.

Sword Fighting

Melee combat is undoubtedly an integral part of the game. During boarding and missions, the player must fight numerous enemies. To do so, they rely on two swords that are dual wielded. The sword mechanics include blocking, striking and countering.

Because players have two swords, they are able to easily block an attack from enemies and strike back at the same time. Several different animations can occur when an enemy is defeated. If players are overwhelmed, then they can make use of their pistols, which dispatch foes faster but are slow to reload.