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Horizon Zero Dawn PC – A quality open world action experience

Although the graphics level has not been strongly optimized on PC, Horizon Zero Dawn offers quite a good open world action experiences. Finally, Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PC.

If you have never known about this game, Moi will explain a little about the game context as follows. In the distant future of humanity, human civilization is destroyed and the people who survived the game are starting to start over.

The ground is covered with machines shaped like animals and they react like animals in nature. The player will play the role of Aloy, an orphan girl adopted by an outcast of the Nora tribe named Rost.

Aloy grew up stigmatizing the Nora because of her outcast title and her adoptive father. During one fell in the forbidden tribal area, which is an old ruins of a research institute of the previous civilization.

This device helps her to scan the terrain and process information in a modern way. With determination to find out his background and find his parents, Aloy is determined to become a strong warrior.

Her adoptive father Rost was a warrior who used her experience to train her to become a young girl with excellent fighting strength. Now Aloy will start his own adventure from the day he joined The Proving, revealing not only the past.

Unfortunately, only can tell here, the rest you have to play and experience by yourself. If you do not intend to play but want to spoil the whole story, please see the Horizon Zero Dawn plot series.

First time running the game, Horizon Zero Dawn spent more than 15 minutes to scan the hardware and optimize the game. That’s according to the specific configuration of the current machine.

In terms of gameplay, Morm also confessed that he was a fan of Far Cry and chose to buy Horizon Zero Dawn. Because he saw that it had an open world style and fighting similar to Far Cry 3.

However, when starting to play, Horizon Zero Dawn has its own values ​​and unique differences from the Far Cry line. Some of it is commendable, some of it just doesn’t look so good.