King Arthur

Of all the legendary figures in world history, King Arthur is the one which popular culture regularly obsesses over. There have been numerous films, popular TV shows and video games based on this character. There are several reasons why Arthur and his Knights have captured the imagination of so many people.

The trappings of the time period are attractive because they present an era of swords and sorcery. This makes it ideal for the fantasy genre. In fact, it could be argued that this genre exists thanks to King Arthur.

People are also attracted to the ideals of chivalry which the Arthurian Knights followed. Their strict moral code allows them to be portrayed as incorruptible heroes. These knights lived and died by the sword, and for this reason, they are perfect as characters in hack and slash video games.

King Arthur

In 2004, a live-action film called King Arthur hit cinema screens. It starred Clive Owen as the titular hero. That same year, a video game tie-in was released to market the movie.

The game could be played on the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. It was later made available for mobile devices. Reviews for it were generally mixed, which was common at the time for games based on films.

Players are able to control Arthur, as well as his trusted allies. This includes Tristan, Lancelot, Bors and more. At the start of each level, two playable characters appear on the screen to be chosen. The other character will embark on the journey as well, either being controlled by the game’s AI or a second player.

King Arthur’s World

In this NES strategy game, players control Arthur as he commands an army. The aim of each level is to reach a finishing point by defeating various enemies. Along the way, numerous traps and obstacles need to be overcome. If King Arthur dies, he can be resurrected with coins.