King Arthur Slots

There is an enduring British legend of an ancient king called Arthur. He was mentored by a powerful wizard known as Merlin. He was given an enchanted sword called Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake. Eventually, he amassed a faithful group of knights who sat with him at his Round Table.

These stories have been repeated for centuries, and are now a part of enduring memory. They can be seen in many forms of popular culture. Characters from the legend are regularly seen in online casino games. The story is in the public domain, and so can be used by casino owners in whichever way they wish.

King Arthur In Slots

King Arthur is often featured in online slot games. These types of gambling games tend to utilise a familiar theme to entice as wide an audience as possible. The legend of King Arthur and his Knights is known throughout the world. Therefore, a slot game focusing on Arthur would be able to attract many different types of players.

However, Arthur is not the only element of the story which is well known. Many people will recognise names such as Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad. Since slots require each reel to contain unique elements, these characters could appear in the game as well.

The Holy Grail

According to the legend, King Arthur and his Knights set off in search of the mystical Holy Grail. This object was said to be a great treasure. The quest for the Grail seems similar to a casino patron’s search for the ultimate jackpot.

Therefore, the Grail is occasionally used to represent a big win in casino games. For instance, if a player manages to attain the highest win possible on slots, then an animated version of the Grail could appear on the screen.