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King Arthur II content: Dead Legions

King Arthur II content: Dead Legions is announced by the manufacturer to be “darker” than the first part with the rise of the dark army. The life-threatening giants of innocent people and the world needs a hero to stand up to dominate the human race to escape destruction.

The game is redeveloped with larger-scale battles, more crowds and enemies that will surely be stronger. Gamers will be able to customize the camera to change the viewing angle, the animations are modified and replaced for smoothness and accompanying instructions specific to each part. Graphics in the game have also been upgraded a lot. The image of the fields stretching until the horizon or the sea reflecting the glittering sun were all reproduced with realism and vividness. Military unit models in the game are designed in detail and clear, even when the player adjusts the camera to get close to the battlefield. The sound is built on epic schools.


After making a lot of buzz in the gaming community thanks to King Arthur’s breakthrough game, combining magic, history elements with Total War-style tactics, Neocore was eyeing. As a result, this Hungarian free-game team was eventually agreed by Paradox Interactive to sign a contract to release a sequel to the King Arthur strategy game.

Zoltan Pozsonyi, head of production King Arthur II for Neocore Games proudly declares: “We are honored to be associated with Paradox’s release team to build King Arthur II. We are considering testing all the features of this version. With a completely new and different storyline accompanied by classic battles, expect fans to put on the game will be met”.

With a much darker plot than what people often know about King Arthur’s name: The Role Playing War Game, King Arthur II opens with the rise of the dark army. The life-threatening giant demons of so many innocent people. Each soldier fell, the heroes who stood up to fight back were also hard to stop the nearly endless number of enemies. The world needs a hero to stand up to dominate the human race to escape destruction. And that’s nobody else, it’s the player.






King Arthur: Fallen Champions

King Arthur: Fallen Champions – The return of NeoCore king is gradually gaining high rankings in the list of the most popular games today.

The story of Fallen Champions will not be rambling but immediately goes to the main problem. Around the invasion of England, the game takes you into the role of three heroes in the rebellion of Arthur: Knight Sir Lionel, Drest magician, and witch Lady Corrigan.

During the campaign, the player will change the position between the three characters when completing the mission. Depending on each character, the goals and requirements will be different.

With Lionel, this knight fights to find his lover from the kidnappers, Drest offers himself to protect the Picts, while Lady Corrigan tries to find a way back to the spiritual world. Compared to the previous version,  seems more colorful.


The mission system of the game through the three main characters is also quite diverse.

For a knight, killing is, of course, the main thing to be able to complete the mission. On the contrary, Corrigan only needed to use his magic, hiding around the enemy while Drest’s mission was a combination of both.

The terrain in the game includes hills, rivers, forests, castles, etc. These factors contribute to players adding “headaches” when arranging tactics so that it is reasonable.

The armies are always controlled in a reasonable and accurate way. The only weakness of AI is probably too easy to guess. Only a few times you play, you will soon learn how to control your hero’s command. Anyway, it is impossible to ask too much for AI because they are simply machines.