Welcome to our informative website which mainly focuses on the theme of medieval depictions in video games. This medium has undoubtedly become exceedingly popular in recent years. In fact, the gaming industry has now surprisingly overshadowed both film and television.

King Arthur

King Arthur is also a core theme of our website. We delve into some of the best games which feature this iconic figure of British history. One of our articles lists many titles that include Arthur as the main character. We also discuss ones where he is an indirect element of the story, such as Tomb Raider: Legends.

King Arthur is also often seen in casino games such as online slots. We talk about the reasons for this. Our article on that particular subject will be ideal for readers who work in the casino industry.

Best Games

We also have several informative articles on the subject of medieval video games. These are useful for people who may not know where to start when it comes to the genre. For instance, one of them focuses on Chivalry, a very popular hack and slash title.

However, it is not just medieval games which we delve into. There are also many interesting articles dealing with the very best gaming titles in general. This includes the smash hit, Grand Theft Auto V and the pirate action game, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. There is bound to be enough fun and exciting information to be of interest to a broad range of readers.