Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a popular hack and slash game created by Torn Banner Studios. It came out in late 2012 for the PC. Initially, Torn Banner stated that it would only be playable on computers. However, thanks to its unexpected success, the game was eventually ported over to consoles in 2014.

It is set in a fascinating fictionalised version of medieval Europe. Players fight for one of two teams; the Masonic Order or the Agatha Knights. In multiplayer mode, these teams compete against each other in many mission types. For instance, in multiplayer deathmatch, they do battle until one side reaches a kill limit.

There is also a solo mode where individuals can play against bots offline. This allows them to pick their desired game map and mission type. There is a limited story, but users can pick up hints about the overall narrative from their surroundings. For instance, in Masonic territory, numerous slaves are toiling away, whereas in Agatha maps we see that they treasure knowledge and books.

The Agatha Knights

This is the richer team judging by their extravagant armour and throne rooms. Their colours are blue and gold. Lions and swords serve as symbols on their clothing and shields. The Knights believe in nobility and are heavily influenced by their real-world counterparts.

They live and die by a set code of ethics. These knights are told to respect their superiors and defend the innocent. They also swear allegiance to the king.

The Masonic Order

Red and black are the team colours for this group of rebels. Their main symbol is an iron fist representing peasant opposition against the Knights. They believe that mercy is for the weak and that those who are are strongest should rule. They dress in modest armour compared to their enemies, thanks to their humble origins.