The Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is an incredibly lucrative game series which was initially associated with consoles. However, over the years, titles from GTA have been ported over to the PC. Today, GTA instalments are some of the most played of any computer game.


One of the main reasons for the popularity of GTA on the computer is the level of modding which can be done. Players are able to tweak the character models, environments and missions to their own liking. PC modding gives users a much more considerable amount of freedom than on consoles.

Over the years people have developed their own unique mods which others can freely download. This allows them to drive vehicles and use weapons that are created by the public, rather than by the original developers of the game.


GTA V was an unprecedented success when it was released on PC. The use of a keyboard and mouse suited the action of the game well, giving players a smooth user interface. One of the main benefits of the PC version is that the developers are continually adding new content, free of charge. The game is always changing and being refined. Any bugs are eventually fixed so that GTA V can continue to be enjoyed years after the initial release date.

GTA Online

GTA Online is a mode of play for GTA V that is separate from the primary story mode. Players get to create a customisable character and engage in missions of their choice. In a sense, they are able to develop their own GTA story, as their character goes through various trials and tribulations.

They can also interact with other players online. This includes joining together to form a gang and taking part in team-based exercises. Online mode encourages working together to achieve goals.