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Overview of the upcoming super product Lost Ark

Through this article, you will understand all about the long-awaited Lost Ark game. The super attractive game Lost Ark is only a short time away and will officially open. This is the time for us to overview this online game to be able to experience it in the best way.

Ark is an artifact with mysterious powers, is the human weapon against Kazeros’ demonic legion. Thousands of years ago, in the persistent war with the demons, humans used Ark to defeat them.

It is known that Lost Ark has more than 18 different character classes, but up to now, only about 10 characters have been revealed. Each character has 2 different ways of developing, into specific classes depending on the preferences that the player wants to develop.

It is still unclear whether players will be able to choose the classes during character creation or will develop that after a while. It’s been a long time since there has been such a role-playing game with such a rich character development.

Tripod system is a very unique skill development of Lost Ark, similar to the Rune system in Diablo 3. With this system, the player will create a different character in his own style. contact with anyone.

With the Tripod system, players can choose the effect in skill, range and attack type. With this system, each skill will have different uses, depending on the specific situation.

Life Level is a special skill tree, not for combat but for everyday activities. These skills can be quarrying, net fishing, fishing, wood sawing, antiques detection.

In addition to adventures, the town is where players gather together. They can participate in card battles with cards obtained after the adventures. Or try out exciting competitions like a beer competition together.

The arena is where players attend to find fame and money. They can bet with money in the game, then join the battle together. In Lost Ark, players can participate in Boss hunts at any time.

Areas in the wild will have Bosses suddenly appearing. These Bosses require a lot of players to participate in the attack to defeat. They can also form groups together, head into the wilderness to hunt down the monsters that hold here. Defeating them, players will receive extremely rare equipment for their character.