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Dead Cells Game – Great battle full of fire and smoke in 2D world

Dead Cells game has been out for a while for gamers. But few people seem to know the name as well as the special point that makes the difference for this super product.

Dead Cells game is released by Motion Twin, an action role-playing game with a 2D perspective. Although it is only a small game with a simple graphic design, but it is very well appreciated from the gaming community.

Dead Cells does not have a detailed plot line. It all revolves around a lost cell, always looking to enter many different bodies to head for an adventure for him.

The above jobs do not have many certain meanings and purposes. Dead Cells has an 8-bit graphic design style, associated with many generations of early gamers. However, the development team has been very clever in designing very disruptive and making a difference for their products.

From the main character image to all types of monsters are shaped with their own characteristics and personality for each type. The small effects in the game are carefully cared for, bringing high efficiency throughout the experience.

In addition, the physical effects from the moves are very eye-catching and complete. Everything like to add more color to the world of Dead Cells.

The sound is no exception. This is more or less an ingredient that determines the feel and helps gamers transform into the character better.

The soundtrack has been added and changed continuously throughout the Dead Cells gameplay and there is no repetition. The music is suitable for each stage as well as the characteristics of each screen.

In addition, each of the smallest action gestures are incorporated with detailed sounds by Dead Cells. Players can feel everything in the most vivid and authentic way.

Dead Cells are the right upgrade and creation inspired by Castlevania’s man. This is the point that makes a difference and is also the factor that helps Dead Cells have a say among countless other games.

Legacy of the Void – worthy of the King of strategy game

The final part of the StarCraft II trilogy has a somewhat cheesy storyline. But in return the multiplayer is extremely interesting and challenging.

Those were the words uttered from the mouth of the “queen” of the Zerg species, Queen of Blade. She described Amon – the lord who is considered the source of the oldest pure-blood evil in the universe. Or she is also known by a simpler name than “god of the gods”.

Đánh giá - Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void - xứng danh 'ông vua' game chiến thuật - ảnh 5

Amon is the main content of the Legacy of the Void version and is also the most powerful final boss in the world of Starcraft II. Starcraft II is a sequel to the classic series of real-time strategy games created by Blizzard Entertainment 18 years ago.

The player transforms into “Zhuge Liang space version”, takes command of 1 of 3 armies. It is human (Terran), insect (Zerg) and alien (Protoss). To win, gamers need to build bases, harvest resources, produce soldiers, upgrade their troops.

And finally attack, destroy the enemy base until the last remnants or the opponent raised the Good Game. Starcraft is the factor that created the golden age of eSports and helped Korea become an e-sports capital. Since 1998, the name Starcraft is famous in the culture of the people of Kim Chi country.

It appeared from television to the radio filled with images of tiny soldiers fighting armies in space. Even 17 years later, the Starcraft II World Championship 2015 – just held in the United States in November. It also retained some glorious identity of the past.

Đánh giá - Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void - xứng danh 'ông vua' game chiến thuật

Blizzard has directed Starcraft II to split into 3 separate plot parts. They gradually reveal the conspiracy and the roots of the three races of Terran, Zerg and Protoss.

In Wings of Liberty, the player follows Jim Raynor, a rebellious marshal of the wandering faction. And he became Dominion’s most wanted pursuer – the government he had ever served.

Overview of Hearthstone and the first steps

Articles within the Hearthstone series include introduction to features, basic concepts in the game. Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft is a new game released by Blizzard.

This is a free-to-play game so everyone can play Hearthstone and achieve the same collection of cards. However, if you use real money, the collection stage will be a lot faster.

Just over 6 months of release, Hearthstone has reached over 20 million separate accounts. And even though it’s a free-to-play game, Hearthstone’s in-game sales have ranked in the top 10 of the highest-grossing games.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds update thêm Sindragosa cùng nhiều Hero khác

Players can play against machines or other players. The aim of the game is to destroy the opponent’s Hero through the use of magic and monsters. Besides, some Heroes can also equip themselves with weapons to attack.

Hearthstone is a game designed to create a simple game card. Hearthstone is becoming a new eSport with many great attractive prizes, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Currently, Hearthstone has nearly 500 cards that players can collect and this number continues to increase in the near future. Players can get these cards themselves by buying packs with cash or in-game money.

All heroes and cards in the game are taken from the World of Warcraft so the game will be very familiar to Warcraft Series fans. Firstly, you will feel that there are too many cards that you cannot remember immediately and do not know how to use them.

Hearthstone – “Crush” bỏ thì thương vương thì tội « Hiệp Sĩ Bão Táp

When you first create an account and enter the game for the first time, you will required to complete the game tutorial. Each part, the game will introduce you to the functions of the game and how to proceed with a normal game. Although simple, but the instructions to play it is extremely important.

After the tutorial, you need to master the information like the mana of each card. You can click on Play Mode to play against other players right away. However, I’m new to continuing to get used to the basics of the more important game.

MU Online and the unforgettable online gaming experience early life

Most people first come into contact with the virtual world of online role-playing games through this game. This is relatively understandable because this product is one of the first online games introduced in the world.

MU Online immediately attracted a lot of players, surpassing the name of Conquer Online. The reason is quite simple because the in-game image and gameplay have many similarities between MU Online.

MU Online created friendliness from images to gameplay, until now, many gamers still remember the feeling of controlling the character. Over time, the better the equipment, the gamers will have to face stronger, bigger monsters and then travel to other fierce lands. Many places Devias will gradually be conquered.

The later, the longer the fight with monsters takes longer and level up. Therefore, to experience the feeling of happiness when leveling up, adding indexes, we will have to plow and plow extremely hard.

There are strong enemies we will have to beat, the bless, soul, chaos, cre with extremely happy ‘ting’ sound is definitely in the memory of gamers. This is almost the best sound in the world for anyone who loves MU Online. To get one, you have to go through many challenges in Blood Casle, Devil Square… still worth it!

This smashing, grinding process sometimes makes the whole guild and the team lose track of sleep. Surely you guys are no stranger to the situation where the whole net shop has to shout loudly, applaud the sky when a person presses things on.

Comes with the unprecedented PvP battles after the guild battle. They all create their own imprint, deeply engraved on the hearts of gamers. Currently, MU Online is still opening the international version very spectacular with a lot of new features. That is far beyond what the writer himself still remembers in this article.

Revealing the time to open the biggest Steam Sale in the summer of 2020

This is one of the rare occasions in the year that gamers can delight in shopping terrible games at the most preferential prices with Steam Sale. To re-appointment, every summer, Steam always launches attractive promotional events. This year is no exception.

Starting June 26, Steam will launch a big promotional event called Summer Sale. During the event, a series of games on Steam were strongly discounted. This is one of the rare occasions in the year that gamers can delight in shopping terrible games at the most preferential prices.

In addition to the traditional series of games such as GTA, The Witcher, Dark Souls or Assassin’s Creed, Steam gamers are also eagerly awaiting the super products from Console to switch to PC. Death Stranding is one of the most awaited names on this occasion.

Despite being a new game launched on Steam. However, gamers are still waiting for Valve and Kojima Productions to lower the price of this product.

Steam chuẩn bị ra liên tiếp 3 đợt sale sập sàn, anh em hãy sẵn ...

In addition, big sale occasions like Summer Sale also come with a lot of attractive free titles. The list of these games will be updated quickly for you in the following news.

One point to note at every discount is that you should manage your finances well. When seeing discounted games too cheap, gamers often can not hold back.

They will buy bluff but then have no time to play, making this money useless and wasteful. So, before buying any game, consider whether it suits your interests.

As expected, the Summer Sale 2020 event will last for 1 week, starting from June 26. The birth of Half-Life 2 is arguably the biggest turning point for Steam’s subsequent successes.

The dominance of this legendary shooter reflects that. Millions of copies were sold and Valve did not forget to remind players that to play Half-Life 2, you must register via Steam.

Mega Man X DiVE – The mobile game inherits the storyline from the Rockman series

Mega Man X DiVE is a role-playing action RPG mobile game that Capcom has long published. It makes so many gamers who love the Mega Man guy to stand still.

The game offers extremely diverse character classes and weapons with Co-op play. There are also boss fighting mechanisms, side effects are extremely attractive.

As mentioned, Mega Man X DiVE is a mobile game that will inherit all the characters, levels, and storylines from the legendary Rockman series. It is inherently familiar to gamers. The detailed context of the game is a digital world called Deep Deep Log. The task of the player is to keep the timeline stable. You must repair incidents and prevent chaos.

Mega Man X DiVE Launches in Asia on March 24, 2020

MegaMan X DiVE comes equipped with an auto lock system so players can target enemies.

Characters also own an upgrade system for gamers to gradually develop. Through activities beyond the frontier, you will gradually unlock many things to upgrade.

Mega Man X DiVE Game Archives – Mobile Mode Gaming

In anyway, you also need to plow a lot of hoes in the game screen. MEGAMAN X Dive is a game worth playing with those who have memories of the Rockman legend.

Block Man is a small-sized Robot Master. They were created for outside construction, thanks to the ability to create bricks. Block Man’s figure bears the impression of a stone castle. Block Man’s special weapon is the Block Dropper.

The game allows him to create blocks of air in the air falling on his opponent. When close to being defeated, he will use the Power Gear installed by Dr. Wily. He shielded his body with bricks and transformed into a giant robot. This form has its own health bar, and when destroyed, Block Man will move to an angle, constantly throwing bricks at the player.

Most Favorite Games That Will Capture Your Attention (part 1)

Nowadays, there are many ways that people can find to relax in their free time, such as reading a few good books, listening to some of the famous pop songs or playing online games. Every kind of way will help us free our mind and reduce all stress in life. When people come to games, they can spend hours and hours every day to enjoy their favorite games such as shooting games, puzzle games, or action games and so on. 

You can right away play some of the cool games from 


The first game in this post is called If this is the first time you have heard about this game, don’t worry, it is fun and very entertaining for you to enjoy. Now we will take a closer look in details to see how unique this game is.

In this game, your mission is to control a small giant and lead it to roam around the map to kill the others. Because this game is a multiplayer game, so you will have a chance to show off your fighting skills with many players from all over the world. All the beginners in this game will start at the same size as the giant, then by eliminating the others to grow their size.

Players can collect more scattered items and chests around the map to receive some rewards and also some useful weapons, armors to make your giant powerful. Playing with humans will be a little bit hard because they are smart and cunning. So can you make it out alive to become the strongest giant in this game? Let’s play and find out.

You can take some time off to enjoy some great games here.


The next game in this post is called Bullet Force. If you are a big fan of some big hit superhero movies, you definitely can skip this highly-rated game. 

Playing Online Games and Cognitive Benefits (part 3)

  1. Enhance attention and vigilance

We can use online games as a method for treating dyslexia. Although this problem is not common, there are many people, both adults and children, who suffer from it, and in some cases, it’s caused by the lack of visual attention. One study found that less than twelve hours a week of playing games could improve the dyslexia of children. They could enhance their scores on tests of reading and phonology, and the fact is that this improvement was even more significant than the achievement obtained from the special training programs that we use to treat dyslexia.

  1. Improve executive functioning

Executive functioning allows people to respond rapidly, make efficient decisions, etc., and online games do help people improve it. A study of Chiappi and colleagues suggested that online gaming could develop and enhance the ability to carry out multiple tasks. Their study involved a test called the Multi-Attribute Task Battery, which simulates the skills of piloting aircraft. Participants have to use a joystick to keep a target on a screen. At the same time, they need to monitor the fuel level, respond to lights, and listen and respond to radio communication, and after 50 hours of gaming, they all showed a significant improvement on this test.

Also, lots of researches indicated that we could increase our mental flexibility with online games. For instance, with action games, we can improve our abilities to change quickly between different tasks without making errors.

Moreover, we can also reverse the mental decline by playing games. Like other parts of our body, our brain gets old too. Our cognitive flexibility, memory, attention, etc. will get worse with time, but now, we can stop this decline or at least make it happen slower by enjoying games. Many experiences with elderly participants show that playing games can result in improvement of brain-power. It not only makes cognitive improvements but also enhances the quality of life of the elderly. So online games are also considered as an efficient method for treating Alzheimer’s and dementia.





Playing Online Games and Cognitive Benefits (part 2)

They found out that those who enjoyed the game had better performances in tests of necessary perceptual and cognitive abilities than those who didn’t.
You can, therefore, be sure that the results of this research are reliable. In the rest of our article, we are going to give you some information that you might want to know about.

1. Playing online games helps to improve basic visual processes
The first thing we can receive from playing an online game is that our visual contrast sensitivity can be improved. A research study conducted in 2009 showed that fifty hours of playing action games for ten or twelve weeks could enhance our ability to distinguish the differences in shades of gray.
Secondly, we can also treat amblyopia by playing games. It’s also called “lazy eye,” which is a disorder of sight caused by a weak connection between the brain and eyes. In a research study by Li and colleagues in 2011, they let people use their bad eye only to play action games, while others used their bad eye to do other things such as watching TV, and the result indicated that those who joined in gaming showed significant improvement while others didn’t. Many participants who were involved in gaming improved their vision and their ability to coordinate input from both eyes, and their “lazy eye” was almost gone.

2. Enhance attention and vigilance
Playing online games also makes people have better special attention. A study carried out by Green & Bavelier in 2012 suggested that online gaming improved the ability to locate things quickly and on-target in distracting situations, and it’s perfect for driving skills.
Moreover, with action games, we can develop our ability to keep track of moving objects while there are lots of distractions. That’s because in action games when we have to accomplish any mission, we need to stay focused all the time on some specific objects while there are lots of things that try to distract us.

Playing Online Games and Cognitive Benefits (part 1)


We all know that children love playing games. They can spend hours sitting in front of the computer and do anything so that they can get permission from their parents. However, like other things in the world, playing online games offers people both advantages and disadvantages. Parents are worried that their kids will suffer lots of serious problems such as addiction, mental illness, etc. when playing games excessively. These bad consequences are real, and gamers are vulnerable to them.

However, if we can reduce the disadvantages of online games and enjoy them with some rules, we can reap lots of benefits. Some online games can improve various children’s skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, etc. If you find it difficult to believe, you can look for multiple prestigious articles on Google about this issue. Besides some necessary skills, online games also help your child with cognitive abilities. If you think it sounds strange, take a look at this article, and you will understand.

In 2014, an article published in the American Journal of Play by researchers Adam Eichenbaum, Daphne Bavelier, and “C” demonstrated some positive effects of online games on various mental processes like perception, memory, attention, etc. Most of their researches involves action games that make players move fast, stay focused, and make a series of decisions, and numerous abilities that players have to use in these games are considered the fundamental foundation of intelligence. 

The prominent thing from their research is that gamers performed better than non-gamers on any tests. However, it only suggests that gaming can lead to better performance, but didn’t prove it. That’s because maybe people who like playing online games already have superior cognitive abilities. That’s why they chose the group of people who are initially non-gamers, and then, they asked some of them to play a particular game for a certain number of hours a day. After that, the group of people who played the game and the others took