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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

What makes King Arthur: Legend of the Sword a legend?

King Arthur’s in-game graphics: Legend of the Sword is very elaborate and detailed, with 3 customizable settings to match the configuration of the machine. If you leave it at the highest level, you will be able to admire the character in a very vivid way, the details can be shown very clearly, the effects of hitting or being hit are also easy to recognize.

In addition, shaping the character of this game version still shows the spirit of the main character, showing a definitive and powerful movement in each phase. The character model is also shown in great detail, giving players a sense of the vitality of each name in the King Arthur movie version.

Instructions for playing King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur‘s battle system: Legend of the Sword is based on Touch & Sweep, using simple screen swiping to create attack operations, extremely impressive combos At the same time, manipulating touches must be closely guarded to defend, evade and counterattack.

king arthur legend

Increasing the fighting force when buying in-game items at the most prestigious online game card selling site. Arthur focuses on team fights in narrow spaces, where gamers have to apply different attack mechanisms to oppose enemies. There the player can execute cross-shot punches, jump-jumps or hit the backward target.

But the good point of the game is how to integrate the player’s movements with the character, giving them a horizontal or vertical stroke. However, in Arthur, there is no way you can hit the screen because each attack will only be useful for each combat situation. For example, with a long crowd, you just need to swipe back and forth until they are submerged on the ground, but with thick armored arms and shields you have to perform continuous combos to disarm your hands.