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King Arthur: Legend of the sword: How to win (part 2)

  1. Try to Defend Yourself

There are many ways of defending throughout the game. For example, block the attack of your opponent. A block is simple enough to perform, yet there is one downside to it. That is, blocking can probably be interrupted. Also, you will still get damage no matter when you block. Plus, you will not survive when you keep on preventing attacks. In another way, it is dodging. Yet, it is a tricky move for pulling off. You should be quick. You will also have to time the dodges at the proper time for them to get productive.

  1. Counter The Opponent

As soon as you are great at dodging attacks, you can perform counter-attacks. It is the right way of dishing out damage without getting any damage in return. Swipe on the opponent at the right moment that they are going to attack. Be sure that you can stay on your toes as well as watching out for any chance to hit back at the opponent. Also, you can attack right after one rival misses. Punish them for each missed attack.

Try and prove that you can become the Excalibur master by following these tips.

  1. The Excalibur Mini-Game

When you finish activating Excalibur, you will get into one mini-game, where you aim to take down as plenty of rivals as you can while utilizing the sword in question. As Excalibur is a mighty, legendary sword, it will take down all competitors, regardless of how much health they remain. In other words, you should make use of Excalibur once you get it activated and prepared for use. It can do you well in eliminating many enemies. Plus, you will need it when you fight the final boss. Yet, you should not hold on overly long to it.


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Your best tips (part 3)

4. Get As Many Rivals As Possible In View
The camera will try and feature as many active rivals as possible, but it is not exactly perfect – there are times that enemies who should be within the view of Arthur would ease themselves suddenly out of the screen. It could throw off some players; that is why what you desire to do here is doing what you can for keeping all of the active enemies in your view. You will have to do so if you are dealing with Archers, Chargers, or similar enemies since they are the best in launching many sneak attacks at you. When you are caught unaware, you may not have enough time for reacting, and that is your big trouble.

5. Isolate Your Enemies From Each Other
Many moves here would ask you to swipe on the screen. Still, that is not always your easiest thing to do since you may end up attacking the rival who you should otherwise save for later. It means you will have to isolate the game opponents, keep them apart from one another as much as possible. It is often simpler said than done; still, you will find out early enough that your moves may be useful in keeping rivals away from each other.

6. As Targeting Could Be Difficult, Be Patient
In connection to another tip, you will also want to get as close to the camera’s front as possible. If you are far away from it, the enemies may appear smaller than you desire them to look, which will make it challenging for you to target them appropriately. Then, you possibly make several mistakes and target the incorrect opponent. Be as close as you can to the game camera. Also, focus on the front-center to target the right enemy.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Your best tips (part 2)

  1. The Way to String Sensible Combos Along

Like in other fighting games that are worth its salt, King Arthur features a key mechanic once it involves the fighting – you must learn the way of stringing a good combo together. Within the tutorial stage, this game works to tell you the regular overhead attack. It is performed by swiping down and breaking the enemy’s guard. That’s all well and sensible. However, since this is often rather slow to execute, you’ll be able to attempt the easy trick to continue your string with one amongst the defense-breaking moves. You must act quickly and keep your string with one of the moves. It is because if the string has more than enough normal attacks in it once launched at the opponent in a very defensive stance, they’ll counterattack.

  1. Upgrade Counter Enhancers

Undeniably, upgrading is incredibly vital during this game. However, once upgrading, you will wish to look at the upgrade list’s bottom, as it is the place you’ll realize upgrades for your counter moves. These moves embrace your Counter Throw. It works by countering the opponent, then swiping downwardly on the screen. When you’ve countered your opponent, they’ll be thrown, and you’ll be dealing out considerable damage, whereas taking them out for several seconds. It permits you to make fast work of one rival at a time.

The second counter move to upgrade is Counter Drop Kick. And you’ll be able to do so by countering and swiping up. You’ll even be dealing out plenty of damage, a bit as you’ll with Counter Throw. However, the difference is that it’s about to send your enemies flying in the opposite direction from you. It is often helpful if you’re attempting to make sure you’re at a secure distance from the enemy.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Your best tips (part 1)

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is famous as an action game for iOS and Android gamers. Also, it asks you, from the bat, that if you have possessed what it takes to, in the end, wield Excalibur – the legendary sword. You will join King Arthur as well as other characters in hopes of harnessing the power of Excalibur and holding off the assault of the evil Vortigern. Ranked missions are available for you to finish as you desire to climb up its leaderboard. Plus, there are cinematic-quality combat scenes, along with a variety of other fighting game mechanics, so that you can encounter. Further, you can record your gameplay to share on social media, if it, by any chance, is your thing!

You will not only play the game but also truly experience it. Besides, its features may be likely to surprise you. Though we will not spoil you in that regard, we are going to give you the strategy guide for the game, since we teach you the way of playing this game and making impressive progress, even if you start only.

Are You Ready to Break Those Defenses?

Here, you will have a couple of standards move that you can probably unlock by buying, and the final standard moves (i.e., Overhead Elbow Strike, Tornado Kick, and Jump Kick) share one thing in common. That is, they are likely to break a rival defense, provided that they are not armed. Regarding Jump Kick, the sequence should be right, left, and up. Tornado Kick would be the left, right, and up. In terms of Overhead Elbow Strike, it is the left, right, and down. 

The gaming moves have various names and appear different when executed, but all of them serve a purpose. Which one you use does not matter,

Conquer England with King Arthur: The Role-playing WargameTubular

In terms of role-playing, your hero units can level up – just like in Warcraft III. They are all members of the Round Table Knights, and can be assigned to control a military group. However, because of the addition of ‘Role-Playing’ to the game name, Neocore decided to further strengthen this element by making all units in the game able to level up. You will have a point to increase the stats of each unit type when leveling up (melee, defensive, magic, cost, etc.)

In addition to those system elements, a very nice feature was created and included in the gameplay that was already quite complicated by King Arthur: the virtue of the player. The way in which you conduct your battle will be shown on an index bar. Your decisions will directly affect this increase or decrease.

You can choose to worship the gods of Old Majickal Relijun, or the new religion of God, you can choose to help the good-natured neighbors, or conspiracy-dedicated warlords. Your actions may not make you lose any advantage, but the farther you go in one direction, the more upgrades and new units you will receive. This means you will have to choose your path right from the beginning of the game.

King Arthur is not a gentle game, you will need at least 2GB of RAM along with a pretty average video card to be able to play smoothly. However, your investment will be returned with polished graphics and very rewarding details of the game. In the early versions, the system also encountered a lot of camera errors, and some units were completely unbalanced as the developer wanted. Therefore, installing patch 1.02 is a must if you want to enjoy the game without being bothered. After this version, everything runs quite stable and comfortable.

Although not a popular and widely popular game, King Arthur: Wargame’s Role-Playing is a “bargain” entertainment for strategy game lovers. The game has many deep designs, high replayability and a fitting story, so you can spend about 50 hours playing. This is probably the best average PC game of this genre that you can find in the current situation.




What are your task in King Arthur?

King Arthur (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) – the game adventure of the fighting game based on the epic movie “King Arthur’s Sword” in the style of fantasy.

In this game, he must perform all the feats of a game prototype and the main character – King Arthur:

  • Rob with friends in the streets of Londinium, which owns sovereign Wartinger ownership;
  • Find the legendary sword Excalibur, and learn how to manipulate them;
  • To find out about the Resistance movements, and decide for yourself which side to fight; on the face of Resistance: to carry out his mission to become King, it means to join the Resistance; or towards the evil side to become a demon, to become a tyrant Vortigern;
  • In any role – to unite the people of the London area – other players;
  • Meet the mysterious girls named Guinevere, and the victories to win her heart;
  • To fight against demons or other people in many forms, and in real time;
  • To defeat the tyrants of Wartinger.

Wartinger – he killed Arthur’s parents and stole the crown and title. The player’s strategic goal in Arthur’s role is to regain the Crown and title, and the citizens of Londinium.


To determine time and resources, to most effectively conduct active military tactics – attack the enemy position, and protect their own, location.

The main plot of the game is the accompanying game of various difficult tasks;

To fight against people not only with game characters but with people from all over the world – more than 100,000 players. The best rating of players appearing across the globe Table game. Spectacular of the game’s moments, players can stay in the video, to share their, exploit with you on social networks.