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Legacy of the Void – worthy of the King of strategy game

The final part of the StarCraft II trilogy has a somewhat cheesy storyline. But in return the multiplayer is extremely interesting and challenging.

Those were the words uttered from the mouth of the “queen” of the Zerg species, Queen of Blade. She described Amon – the lord who is considered the source of the oldest pure-blood evil in the universe. Or she is also known by a simpler name than “god of the gods”.

Đánh giá - Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void - xứng danh 'ông vua' game chiến thuật - ảnh 5

Amon is the main content of the Legacy of the Void version and is also the most powerful final boss in the world of Starcraft II. Starcraft II is a sequel to the classic series of real-time strategy games created by Blizzard Entertainment 18 years ago.

The player transforms into “Zhuge Liang space version”, takes command of 1 of 3 armies. It is human (Terran), insect (Zerg) and alien (Protoss). To win, gamers need to build bases, harvest resources, produce soldiers, upgrade their troops.

And finally attack, destroy the enemy base until the last remnants or the opponent raised the Good Game. Starcraft is the factor that created the golden age of eSports and helped Korea become an e-sports capital. Since 1998, the name Starcraft is famous in the culture of the people of Kim Chi country.

It appeared from television to the radio filled with images of tiny soldiers fighting armies in space. Even 17 years later, the Starcraft II World Championship 2015 – just held in the United States in November. It also retained some glorious identity of the past.

Đánh giá - Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void - xứng danh 'ông vua' game chiến thuật

Blizzard has directed Starcraft II to split into 3 separate plot parts. They gradually reveal the conspiracy and the roots of the three races of Terran, Zerg and Protoss.

In Wings of Liberty, the player follows Jim Raynor, a rebellious marshal of the wandering faction. And he became Dominion’s most wanted pursuer – the government he had ever served.