King Arthur: Legend of the sword: How to win (part 2)

  1. Try to Defend Yourself

There are many ways of defending throughout the game. For example, block the attack of your opponent. A block is simple enough to perform, yet there is one downside to it. That is, blocking can probably be interrupted. Also, you will still get damage no matter when you block. Plus, you will not survive when you keep on preventing attacks. In another way, it is dodging. Yet, it is a tricky move for pulling off. You should be quick. You will also have to time the dodges at the proper time for them to get productive.

  1. Counter The Opponent

As soon as you are great at dodging attacks, you can perform counter-attacks. It is the right way of dishing out damage without getting any damage in return. Swipe on the opponent at the right moment that they are going to attack. Be sure that you can stay on your toes as well as watching out for any chance to hit back at the opponent. Also, you can attack right after one rival misses. Punish them for each missed attack.

Try and prove that you can become the Excalibur master by following these tips.

  1. The Excalibur Mini-Game

When you finish activating Excalibur, you will get into one mini-game, where you aim to take down as plenty of rivals as you can while utilizing the sword in question. As Excalibur is a mighty, legendary sword, it will take down all competitors, regardless of how much health they remain. In other words, you should make use of Excalibur once you get it activated and prepared for use. It can do you well in eliminating many enemies. Plus, you will need it when you fight the final boss. Yet, you should not hold on overly long to it.