What makes King Arthur: Legend of the Sword a fever?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – one of the 2017 blockbusters that attracts the world of movie enthusiasts. The story of King Arthur with this legendary Excalibur sword will be specified in a completely new style, promising to create a fever right in early May. However, the heat of the movie not only spreads over the movie industry but also spread to the mobile platform with an extremely unique mobile game of the same name. This mobile app allows gamers to immerse themselves in simple, yet powerful, non-colorful screen rights to ensure the taste of a true Fight Club on mobile.

What makes King Arthur: Legend of the Sword a fever?

The image of kicking an opponent backwards and then kicking the shield straight into the head will bring a “poker” feeling rarely seen in film-based games. The graphic is also a plus for Arthur while the sound of the game is amazing.

King Arthur’s in-game graphics

King Arthur:Legend of the Sword‘s in-game graphics is very elaborate and detailed with 3 customizable settings to match the configuration of the machine. If you leave it at the highest level, you will admire the character, the details on the body can be clearly shown, the effects when launching a blow or being hit are also easy to recognize.

king arthur legendIn addition, shaping the character of this game version still shows the spirit of the main character, showing a definitive and powerful movement in each phase. The character model is also shown in great detail, giving players a sense of the vitality of each name in the King Arthur movie version.

The good point of the game

The good point of the game is how to integrate the player’s movements with the character, giving them a horizontal or vertical stroke. However, in Arthur, there is no way you can hit the screen because each attack will only be useful for each combat situation.