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Genshin Impact is set to officially launch globally on both PC and Mobile

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that takes place in a vast fantasy continent called Teyvat. The game offers a vibrant open world, with many characters fighting and exploring guided by an engaging story.

Players will play the role of the mysterious “traveler”, starting the journey to find his lost brother. And finally unravel the mysteries of yourself and the world. Each of these cities has unique culture, stories, and vast landscapes full of diverse characters, creatures and enemies, and hidden treasures.

Furthermore, the game will continue to expand with more cities with more storylines. At the same time new characters and updated seasonal events in new versions will enrich gameplay and expeditions on the Teyvat continent. In particular, Genshin Impact offers both classic single player mode and cross-platform co-op mode for up to four players.

After many trials in many countries, this game is appreciated both for its graphics and new gameplay. Currently, the game is ready for the official release. Pre-registration on Google Play and App Store has also opened, players can invite friends to join to receive many valuable rewards to use on the day of the global launch.

Genshin Impact opens up a vast open world with hard-core gameplay. There are many factors that affect the character’s development in the game. Most players are often interested in an interesting feature is elemental energy but not only that. Game Genshin Impact also owns a weapon system that can create a different fighting method.

Sword has a basic attack sequence consisting of 5 patching moves that differ between each character used. Sword has a relatively fast attack speed, little lag, but the effect range is quite small. Magic has an attack chain consisting of 4 moves, dealing long-range damage. The Magic’s attack speed was fast, but the warm-up time was long and the lag was long.

MU Online and the unforgettable online gaming experience early life

Most people first come into contact with the virtual world of online role-playing games through this game. This is relatively understandable because this product is one of the first online games introduced in the world.

MU Online immediately attracted a lot of players, surpassing the name of Conquer Online. The reason is quite simple because the in-game image and gameplay have many similarities between MU Online.

MU Online created friendliness from images to gameplay, until now, many gamers still remember the feeling of controlling the character. Over time, the better the equipment, the gamers will have to face stronger, bigger monsters and then travel to other fierce lands. Many places Devias will gradually be conquered.

The later, the longer the fight with monsters takes longer and level up. Therefore, to experience the feeling of happiness when leveling up, adding indexes, we will have to plow and plow extremely hard.

There are strong enemies we will have to beat, the bless, soul, chaos, cre with extremely happy ‘ting’ sound is definitely in the memory of gamers. This is almost the best sound in the world for anyone who loves MU Online. To get one, you have to go through many challenges in Blood Casle, Devil Square… still worth it!

This smashing, grinding process sometimes makes the whole guild and the team lose track of sleep. Surely you guys are no stranger to the situation where the whole net shop has to shout loudly, applaud the sky when a person presses things on.

Comes with the unprecedented PvP battles after the guild battle. They all create their own imprint, deeply engraved on the hearts of gamers. Currently, MU Online is still opening the international version very spectacular with a lot of new features. That is far beyond what the writer himself still remembers in this article.