King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: How to win (part 1)

The Excalibur may be among the world’s most famous fictional swords. Follow the story as well as experiencing the adventure that revolves around the sword in this King Arthur. The iOS-exclusive game is known to be based on the movie of a similar name. It lets you control Arthur since he trains for successfully wielding Excalibur. The title prides itself in the fluid combat system which is optimized for the touch control. Are you ready to relive one of the history’s most epic tales as well as leading your kingdom to victory? Make sure you check out this guide below to help you in the adventures.

  1. Begin With Story Mode

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has a story mode which will walk you through just about anything you need to learn so that you can play properly. Of course, gaming through the story as well as learning about King Arthur has been enough reason to play this mode. Begin with this mode when you want to be sure that you have a good understanding of the mechanics of the game before battling in PVP. Multiple levels are available in story mode – each of them has its own objective so that you can complete. Though you only need to finish the main aim of achieving a level, there are incentives if you complete secondary goals, too.

  1. Fighting Your Game Rivals

Are you itching to come into a fight? Then, be sure you learn how to do it, to begin with. There are two kinds of attacks here. First, a light attack can be carried out by swiping horizontally. Second, a massive attack can be taken by swiping vertically. Leverage a balanced mix of these two kinds for keeping your enemies guessing. You should be careful when using a massive attack.